2012-2013 Collegiate Skating Registration Form

Please complete this form to register your university or college for the
2012-2013 collegiate skating season!  

If your school has both intercollegiate and synchronized skating,
please submit this form seperately for each.  

For Intercollegiate Figure Skating:
This is the OFFICIAL registration form for your college/ university.  Following the completion of this form, you will receive a new team number for the season.  This number must be provided at all intercollegiate competitions throughout the season. 

For Synchronized Skating:
This is the first of two steps of your registration process.  The second step is to register or renew your team through the U.S. Figure Skating Members Only site at usfsaonline.org or by mail.  This is necessary for your team to compete at non-qualifying and qualifying competitions and must be completed by October 1, 2012.
Note: You do not need to be an official "club" or "organization" at your school to complete this form.  Any collegiate athlete is eligible to compete in Intercollegiate Skating or Synchronized Skating. 

Please contact Brenda Glidewell at: Bglidewell@usfigureskating.org , if you have any questions.