2013-14 Synchronized Skating Application

Membership and Eligibility Requirements – Synchronized Team Skating

MR 5.08   Dues of [competitive] Synchronized Skating Teams.

If entering competition(s), a synchronized skating team must be registered with U.S. Figure Skating by team name, club representation (if applicable) and with the name, address and telephone number of a contact person (coach, team manager, club president, etc.). If the team is not affiliated with a club, then the team must also register as a Theatre On Ice/Team as per MR 5.07. Team registrations are valid from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of a year.

A.  Registration application forms are included in the club registration packet sent to all clubs and area also available through U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters.

B.  Completed applications must be forwarded to U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters, who will then issue a registration card with a team registration number.

C.  The team registration fee is $50 annually. (into effect for 2013-14 season) 

D.  Clubs are permitted to register more than one team at the same level.

3070     Eligibility to Compete – Synchronized Skating

A.   No synchronized team is eligible to enter any nonqualifying synchronized skating competitionwithout a registration for the current skating year (see rule MR 5.08). The registration number will berequired on all competition entry forms.

Note: The registration fee for synchronized skating teams for the 2013-14 season is $50 + $3 administrative fee.