Gymfinity Children's Activity Center
6300 Nesbitt Road
Fitchburg, WI 53719

Participant Information

Household / Adult Primary Contact

Relationship to Participants:  
As a condition of participation for the student listed above in any programs conducted by Gymfinity Ltd. (d/b/a Gymfinity Gymnastics) I agree to waive any claim of bodily injury, or property damage  
I understand the scope of this waiver includes my child, myself or any family member  
I agree this waiver will be in effect every time we participate in a Gymfinity Program  
If ineffective I agree to indemnify Gymfinity for any expenses resulting from our participation including but not limited to legal fees  
AUTHORIZATHION OF MEDICAL CARE: In the case of illness or injury, if I cannot be reached, I authorize and desire medical care for my child at Gymfinity's descretion. I accept responsibility for any and all associated expenses  
AUTHORIZATION OF LIKENESS RIGHTS: Gymfinity may take photographs, audio or video recordings of participants. I authorize use of and display likeness images of my child or myself for advertising or decorative purposes  
I have read, understood and agree to all of the statements above. My checking here and the re-entry of my name below will constitute a legal signature.  
Should Gymfinity contact you regarding other programs or information?  
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