Multicultural Ambassador Program Application

Florida Gulf Coast University continues to affirm its commitment to multiculturalism and inclusivity by creating an educational community that respects and welcomes people and cultures rich in diversity. Consistent with the University’s stated commitment to a pluralistic community, the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development has created the Multicultural Ambassador Program (MAP). The Multicultural Ambassador Program will be comprised of a group of select, trained, student leaders. The students will represent diverse cultures, geography, sexual-orientation, gender, ethnicity, and major.

The functions of the Multicultural Ambassador Program would include:

Serving as Advisor. The Multicultural Ambassadors will serve as the “student voice” for the Office maintaining the pulse of the campus. Discuss current trends in the campus community pertaining to cultural differences, diversity, and inclusion. From these discussions, construct programs that address the needs.

Serving as Liaison. Multicultural Ambassadors will serve as the liaison between the MLD and diversity-based student organizations/groups. Each Ambassador would establish close relationship with three to five registered student organizations or groups (if no official representation). They will “check-in” on regular bases to ensure diverse student interests are represented and forester collaboration between the MLD and student groups, as well as collaboration amongst groups. 

Serving as Facilitators. Each Multicultural Ambassadors will be asked to facilitate at least one educational program. Some of those opportunities include monthly workshops, spring diversity retreat, Frosh Mosh, and other trainings.

Serving as Representatives. Multicultural Ambassadors are dedicated to serving and representing MLD, its programs, its mission, and, most importantly, the diverse student body at FGCU. Multicultural Ambassadors will assist in official functions and special events.

Serving as the Best and the Brightest that FGCU has to offer.
Please Note: this application includes short answer questions. It takes about 30 minutes to complete this application.