Earthwatch Ignite - Student Fellowship Application Form

This application is for 2015 Earthwatch Ignite Summer Fellowships.
You will need to have two classroom teachers, preferably one science teacher and one non-science teacher, submit recommendations to support your application. Recommendations are filled out online ( The recommendation form can also be accessed through

Required Application Account

Teachers will need your username to successfully submit a recommendation. Therefore, you are required to create an account to submit your application, and you must format your username according to these guidelines:

1) Your “Username” is your First Initial + Last Name + Birth Date (MMDDYY) with NO spaces

2) If you have two last names or a hyphenated last name, please use your full last name(s)and include hyphens, but not spaces.

3) You must include zeroes if your birth month or day is only one digit (e.g. January = 01)

For example:

       John Doe-Smith was born February 4, 1997. His username is JDoe-Smith020497.

*IMPORTANT: If you do not create a username according to the above guidelines, your recommendations will not be linked to your application, and your application may not be considered for a fellowship.

CLICK HERE to create an account or return to a partially completed form.
Be sure to format your Username as described above. The account you create is only for this form.


Applications and recommendations are due by Monday, December 15, 2014.

Email:  Online: